Welcome to the Financial Copy Shop!

The Financial Copy Shop is Here to Answer One Question:

What Could YOUR Company Do With an Unlimited, A-list Copywriting Resource?

Think about that for a second…

Your business can have as much high performing copy as you need, without the hassles of hiring, training, and managing an in-house team.

Financial Copy Shop grew out of a glaring need in the Financial Publishing industry: there seems to be a notable lack of reliable, high quality copywriters.

The truth is, those copywriters are out there… they just don’t know how to:

  • Manage themselves
  • Manage their projects
  • Manage their clients

These copywriters don’t know how to find their own clients.

They don’t know how to handle discovery.

Or editing.

Or data analysis….

As for the clients, they have their own problems….



Overseeing and managing writers…

Fortunately, that’s where we come in.

FCS takes a data-driven, strategic approach to funnel design and execution.

Unlike other agencies or consultants, we’re not going to just “throw things at the wall to see what sticks.”

We won’t agree with what you suggest if we think there is a better way.

And we’ll prove it with data.

Every client onboarding session begins with having our Google Analytics Certified strategists examine what’s working for your business. And, more importantly, what’s not…

We take that information and build out your funnels and sales channels based on what your customers relate to, ensuring a congruent message across all channels.

Why not just hire a copywriter, you ask?

Well, you can …

But good luck finding one who excels in all the areas in which we shine…


Project management.

Customer relations.



We have years of experience creating and implementing successful funnels in the Financial space.

That means we know what works.

And more importantly, what doesn’t.

All built on data.

When you combine our experience with our ever-increasing metrics and data collection, the likelihood of success increases with every funnel we produce.

Our primary focus is always providing the best quality copy possible. But FCS emphasizes operations so that we can handle multiple facets of a project simultaneously — without losing consistency or messaging.

This unique competence is the key to Financial Copy Shop’s success.

We utilize a combination of standardization and project management tools to oversee a talented collective of writers all working as a team to produce high converting, engaging copy based on your business’s specific requirements.

After all, every company’s needs are unique. You should have an agency who tailors its services to meet those needs.

I look forward to building a long lasting relationship with you and your team.

Itay Bengal

Editor in Chief

Financial Copy Shop